Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade

By following this guide you can upgrade your account in less than 2 minutes, please follow all the steps, the latter will also help you to avoid future downgrades or problems.

1) Go to, enter your Key, select your Country and click "Upgrade".
2) Go to, log in with the account you want to upgrade.
3) Click on your profile menu at the top right and click on "Profile".
4) Change your name and put what "Name" SpotifyUpgrade page gave you.
5) Open the Invitation Link, enter the Address provided and enjoy your Spotify Premium!

Never use a single invite across multiple accounts, this will cost you an almost immediate downgrade.
Account address

Spotify requires you to live in the same address as the Family Owner, this is why we provide you with the address. If the address says "Undefined" this means you can enter anything and click accept. Forgot the address? Use our key info tool to retreive it
My country is not available

We do a stock of accounts from all countries every week, unfortunately there are some more difficult countries to restock, in these cases please be patient and wait for the next re-stock or you can use the VPN method following these steps:

1) Choose one of the countries Available in stock.
2) Connect to a server in that country via a VPN.
3) Log into the Spotify account you want to upgrade.
4) Change the country in the Spotify profile settings by setting the country chosen above.
5) Request the upgrade and finalize it using the VPN.

After upgrading, you can still use Spotify without a VPN.
You need to live at the same address

If you see this error during the upgrade it is because you made one of these errors:

● Use an IP/VPN from the country selected on the upgrade page
● Check that your Spotify account has the country selected in the settings as the country selected on the upgrade page.
● Once you have checked all these requirements you should be able to upgrade.
You can't join this plan

Now Spotify alone the possibility to change family every 12 months, so in case of downgrade you will have to change spotify account to rejoin another family. You can transfer your playlists from the old account to the new one via this website: Click here
The address is too general

In this case, simply add a random house number before or after the address.
Example: Yolanda Dr, Rochester, NY 14624, USA
Change it to: 30 Yolanda Dr, Rochester, NY 14624, USA

If you continue to have the same problem, open a ticket on the support page.

If your account receives an email informing the owner that his account is no longer in the family, it means that you have lost the premium and therefore you will be entitled to a replacement. To have a replacement proceed with the following steps:

1) Go to the upgrade page and try to upgrade again.
2) If trying to upgrade again, the system replies saying that the account is already premium, proceed by going to the key information check page and trying to reuse the invitation link.
3) If Spotify responds with an error when you try to return to the family, contact whoever sold you the key.

Restocks are generally made every 2 days, in extreme cases where there are problems with restock they could be every day. It is useless to ask or open tickets to ask for restock as we already do everything possible to insert the largest possible stock, therefore the requests will not change anything.
Too many requests at the moment

In this case the only solution is to wait a few minutes and try again, this occurs when too many people try to upgrade.
Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime, people often get confused with the meaning of this with our service. Our spotify upgrades, are for the lifetime of the service We will provide unlimited & free replacements for any downgrades during this time.